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5 Tips to enjoy Bali not as a tourist

5 Tips to enjoy Bali not as a tourist

Home Magazine 5 Tips to enjoy Bali not as a tourist
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Bali is a big island to explore, and finding hidden stunning areas and spots such as blue pristine water in a secluded beach area are among the most fun part to discover this island of paradise.

More visitors or even local residents like me prefer avoiding touristy areas such as Kuta Beach (and Kuta Square), Dreamland Beach-who is now known as New Kuta Beach full of Jakarta and Surabaya local tourists! (how on earth those investors from Jakarta dare to change a beach name found once by a surfer in 70’s!), and would rather explore West,North,and East part of Bali.

Here are 5 Tips to enjoy Bali and its nature beauty not as a tourist :

1. Avoid South of Bali such as : Kuta,Nusa Dua,Jimbaran,Sanur – specially Kuta that is already packed with tourists from all over the world specially those shopping mania local tourists from Java. Explore more : West of Bali (Menjangan Island,Pemuteran,Bali National Parc,Medewi Beach), North (Singaraja, Gitgit Waterfall, Munduk Village), and the East where I went to recently (Taman Ujung/Water Palace, Amed, Candi Dasa)

2. Hire motorbike instead of car, as you would find yourself in a small narrow road when you are exploring a beautiful village, don’t forget to waive and smile to the school kids who are happy to see you visiting their place (pic below).

3. Go on a non public holiday/weekend/christmas and new year/Idul Fitri period. Because even some tranquil and peaceful beach could be packed with local tourist in their big buses (with a tour guide accompanied them!) and rented cars as they also try to avoid “fellow” tourists and with balinese friend or tour guide they have, some non-touristy spots could be revealed! Oh how I hate when it happened to Dreamland/New Kuta Beach!

4. Although supporting local vendors around beach areas usually called ‘Warung’ is great to have them recognize your face on the next visit and make friends, buying small beer ‘Bintang’ at 25K when you could get it half price for the big bottle is only making the food & beverage ‘market price’ there unaffordable for us,local residents who also want to enjoy Bali in a non expensive way. Bring your own small cooler box contains water bottles,orange juice,beers,and if you still want make friends with the beach street vendors you could ask one  of the ‘Ibu’ gives you a nice massage at 20K for 30 minutes or so. Hhmmm..

5. Do not tell anyone about the tranquil non touristy spot you just found. Less tourists know this place, the better for enjoying the beauty of that Bali nature. Take some great shots of it and share it on your blog or Facebook, make  a title :”Hidden Beach I won’t tell you where“….(see pic below)

Enjoy the Sea,Sun,Surf,Sand of Bali!…..


Source : http://www.beeamazing.com/5-tips-to-enjoy-bali-not-as-a-tourist/

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