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My Top 5 Favorite Beaches in Bali

My Top 5 Favorite Beaches in Bali

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My days in Bali consist of finding beautiful and stunning beaches that are stretching out from west coast to the east cost, and not to forget southern area. As I live in Jimbaran, some surfer beaches are even located only 10 minutes by a speedy bike from my house :p

Here are my Top 5 Favorite Beaches I frequented quite often as my day dream spots :

Having enough of visiting Dreamland that is now changed into New Kuta Beach (I’ll tell you more about this on my next post) and became so touristy (thanks to local tourists and the new investor of a so called ‘the largest and most comprehensive leisure spot in Bali’), Benny & me spotted this white sand beach with crystal clear water, not so big wave, tranquil, from the bridge of Labuan Sait. Our favorite activity here is eating Rujak Mangga (Manggo Fruit Salad with sweet palm sugar sauce) and watching fishermen drop fresh barracudas to the warung owners to make a mouth watering grilled fish!! and off course, the big rock is perfect as a hiding place for a nap in the afternoon while having your skin tanned..

More bungalows and private villas are built in the surrounding area, my only concern is that Padang Padang will soon turn to be the next Dreamland Beach or even worse : Kuta Beach! The promotion of this beach where RIP CURL CUP is usually held is done from mouth to ear, and that’s how I see more local tourists from Jakarta or Surabaya come to this place specially during holiday season. . 🙁

First time I came here was to watch OAKLEY ProSurf competition, it’s definitely one of Bali best surfing destination as the wave form a pristine tube. I was watching one of my favorite Indonesia Top surfer, Rizal Tanjung on this competition back then. You can also see they are building new bungalows on the cliff, but at least they still have local warung style with funky wooden signage of ‘cyber cafe’ or ‘ding repair’ and the accommodation there are built in a more tropical style than a modern one. You can bring your snorkeling gear as the waves break on a reef about fifty to one hundred meters from the shoreline. Just be prepared to hike down the narrow dirt path and on high tide, be careful with the unseen reef on the shore.

Dreamland – Bingin – Impossible – Padang Padang that’s how the southern coast of Bukit area form these 4 beautiful beaches. Access from C151 Villa driveway. Bart and I are always keen for a new adventure finding new spots in Bali, including hidden & beautiful beaches where we can just relax, favorite sarong & ice cold beer, take a nana nap, and do his hobby in photography. Once spotted the wooden sign board, I found the hardest small road to get to the beach down hill!! A bit scary, but when I got there, it’s so worth it!! And leave me a big question afterward, OMG, how do I climb that hill road again to get back to my motor bike…..! It’s an impossible beach trip ever..

Impossible Beach is actually a surf camp, so there was literally only me & Bart on the beach ! and several surfers paddling on the background


There is nothing special about this too touristy beach located across several Bali’s most happening night clubs and bars such as : Double Six (some people called this beach as a 66 Beach), Deja Vu, Bacio, and Outrigger O-CE-N resort and I’m not recommending this place to be your heaven escape, but simply I go to Double Six/Seminyak Beach to go jogging,given the flat landscape beach situation.

Start from the beach volley ball spot across Deja Vu Bar, passing by AJ Hackett Bungy Jumping-if you’re lucky you can watch people screaming doing that silly adrenaline pumping activity that could kill me in just one second-, Sofitel and Anantara Resort, Oberoi and The Legian, and …KU DE TA!! (make sure you’re wearing your best and trendy jogging outfit when passing by this ‘to be seen place on sunset’, girls! ), and if you can still catch your breath, continue until La Lucciola Restaurant, this is where you better stop and back, otherwise you will need to take a taxi to get back to your motorbike or car parked at Double Six parking lot

Will not tell much about the location of this recently become a favorite place of mine to have a fresh grilled fish in a local warung, surrounded by coconut trees that could suddenly become a no. 1 crusher of your car if you dare park between the trees I chose to park my car/bike in the special area next to each warung).

The white sandy beach and pristine blue water, a non touristy one, is totally heaven to me! And it’s simply because I’m desperate to have the beach for myself., and I mean it :p I just don’t want the Dreamland tragedy happens to this place.

But if you come to Bali next time, and I’m in the mood to be your local guide, I’ll be happy to show you this postcard landscape, deserted, tranquil haven…


source : http://www.beeamazing.com/my-5-favorite-beaches-in-bali/

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